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Through a longstanding relationship and collaboration with Brenchley Architects, it was always intended that apart from the façade concept, the interior design would be a fluid coming together of how the space should function, feel and look.


From the outset, the design of this home was intended to challenge what is becoming the inner suburban norm. Over developed, poorly designed and regulated multi residential developments. Designing and building a family home to cater for a family of six without compromise on indoor and outdoor functionality on a 400 square metre block is achievable and this home is testament to that.

Great architectural vision was paramount in creating a functional yet contemporary home whilst dealing with the challenge of being attached to the neighbour. The design pushed all the boundaries and aimed to use every piece of available space whilst not triggering the need for planning approval. This resulted in some striking external and internal features as the northern internal wall follows the line of minimum setback as outlined in the VBA guidelines. This has created a Mansard like wall which creates a contemporary internal and external feature with Dorma windows to add finesse.

A beautiful blend of quality cladding elements creates a great sense of texture to this striking façade, recycled red clinker bricks, off white polished cement render, matt finished monument standing seam and recycled 3 dimensional timber cladding make sure you won’t miss this one as you pass by.

The ground floor of the home features high ceilings and is designed around the very large kitchen and island bench. Storage is everywhere you look, coming through from the garage into the laundry/ mud room and into the kitchen; the family functionality is evident in every space The alfresco area is designed as an extension of the kitchen and works so very well with a built-in outdoor kitchen and impressive pizza oven.

A large internal 2 storey light-well topped with Velux sky lights is a key internal design feature and was crucial in delivering enough light into both upper and lower living areas. Coupling the natural light with earthy textures of recycled timber cladding and polished cement render create a feeling of warmth as well as the desire to get up closer to the finishes and explore.

Value for Money

The design and build of this home was not only about showcasing what could be achieved on a small block through clever design but also aimed to put the property into the elite value bracket of the area.

Sustainability / Innovation

Sustainability and reduction of the carbon footprint of the project was vital and considered at every level. As a standard, Nine in Six builders always source our materials from the most reputable of suppliers and disposes of all waste through Bingo Industries, the countries leader in construction waste recycling.

The very best practises of wall wrap and insulation have been used throughout the home, the insulation system was developed in consultation with Bradford energy and goes above and beyond the requirements laid out in the energy report. Double glazing and double seals are fitted to all the aluminium windows. A 5kw solar system has been installed providing valuable savings in energy consumption.

But for this project there was a very intentional push to incorporate as much recycled products as possible. All usable brick from the demolition of the existing aspects of the home where reused in the extension of the party wall, in consultation with the neighbouring property recycled clinker red bricks where sourced for the remaining sections of the party/boundary wall, front fence and landscaping elements. Eco Timber supplied the recycled black butt 3-dimensional cladding on the upper façade and all the standing seam matt cladding was saved from the bin on a past project.

Moving inside the feature timber cladding on the walls and ceiling of the alfresco is recycled skip dressed messmate house frames from Just Eco timber recyclers. Just eco also supplied the over 100-year-old recycled posts in the rear alfresco and living areas.


In Collaboration With

D4 Demolition, Getting You Plastered, Freedom Kitchens, Inge Jabara Landscapes, Barry Davies Painting, Tesch Electrics, M.Byrne Plumbing, Dan The Render Man, Christian Cole Furniture, JKC Airconditioning, Ancon Timber Flooring, Sandscan Flooring, Melbourne Hydronic Heating

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